Vim - Registers

What are registers in Vim, how to use them and the best practices.

Extracting shift handover data from paper forms in a hospital environment

Using Azure Form Recognizer with supervised learning to extract handwritten data from paper forms in real time.

Typography basics and best practices for software developers

Typography is about shaping and laying out the texts on your website to create a pleasant user experience. This article covers the basics such as the different font categories, how to choose the right one, common issues with using fonts on a site etc., as well as some best practices.

Build a git-based headless blog using @nuxt/content

I have used Nuxt.js with the @nuxt/content module to build this site. I will talk about the reasons for the switch, the challenges occured and the design choices

My Windows Terminal setup

Windows Terminal basics and my configration.

Export Strava activities in bulk for Garmin Connect

A tool for exporting all your Strava activities into gpx files, which can then be uploaded into your Garmin Connect account.

Point custom subdomain and root domain to GitHub Pages

Steps I followed to point a custom root domain and a subdomain to GitHub Pages

My LaTex setup

Using LaTex for document authoring.

Azure Form Recognizer notes

Notes I made while learning to use the Azure Form Recognizer

Common Git commands and configurations used in a day-to-day workflow

When using Git via the command line, I find myself repeating similar tasks everyday. Over time, I've built up a curated list of Git commands, aliases and configrations that I use on a daily basis.

Basics of Octave

The high level programming language for prototyping machine learning algorithms.

Machine learning basics

Some notes I made while studying machine learning.

How to execute commands stored in a file opened in vim

Store commands in a file then execute the current line in Vim

Azure functions

Basics of Azure functions

C# - Automated Testing with MSTest V2

Unit test in C# using MSTest V2.

C# - Collections

Collections in C#.

TypeScript - Basics

The basics of TypeScript

Deplying NuxtJS app to Azure with continous deployment

How to deploy a NuxtJS app to Azure with continous deployment

Nuxt.js basics

Basics of Nuxt.js

Vue-cli basics

Basics of @vue/cli.

C# - Fundamentals

This post contains some of the basic/important concpets that I find myself keeping coming back to around C#.

A simple introduction to Kernel Density Estimation

Kernel Density Estimation is a non-parametric way to estimate the probability density function of a random variable. This post is an introduction to the concept of KDE.

My .vimrc

This blog post about my `.vimrc` settings is mainly for personal reference, but I thought I'd make it public in case anyone else was interested. I plan on keeping this post updated if I ever change my `.vimrc` configuration.

Getting MathJax to work

Re-formatting a LaTeX document for use as a blog post took more work than expected. MathJax only supports the LaTeX math-mode commands, and there are additional formatting considerations as well. Here are some tools that I found to make the transition easier.

The definitive guide to Python import statements

I've almost never been able to write correct Python `import` statements on the first go. Behavior is inconsistent between Python 2.7 and Python 3.6 (the two versions that I test here), and there is no single method for guaranteeing that imports will always work. This post is my dive into how to resolve common importing problems. Unless otherwise stated, all examples here work with both Python 2.7 and 3.6.

Python data science stack

An overview of the various tools built on top of Python that are commonly used in data science.

What is hashing?

Basics of hashing.

What are algorithms ?

An explanation of what algorithms are.

A quick summary of Bits and Bites

A quick summary of Bits and Bites

Apache website files permission setup

A quick summary of Apache website files permission setup

Setup Jekyll on GitHub Pages

Here is a brief summary of how I set up this blog / website using Jekyll on GitHub Pages.